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About Huamei

China leading beauty equipment manufacturer

We enjoy a sound reputation in medical beauty field for our durable machines and good services. We successfully develop various series high-tech beauty equipment.Our products are widely used in beauty salons, dermatology hospitals and medical institutes.

Industry leader in China High quality and high technology of equipment Have completely independent intellectual property rights
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our rule

Integrity, cooperation, innovation, efficiency and dedication

our goal

High-tech makes beauty, beauty gives me self-confidence, self-confidence comes from Huamei
100+ Devices Can Be Freely Selected

If you want to customize your own equipment, in Huamei, you can customize it freely according to your unique requirements.

These will be exclusive to you and will not be placed on the network.


Our Product


IPL & SHR system

Diode laser system

EMS sculpt system

Nd: Yag laser system

HIFU system

Skin air cooling machine

CO2 fractional laser

Cryolipolysis system

Picosecond laser system

Nanosecond laser system

about huamei

Huamei Owns The Most International Certifications In The Industry

We have 380+ patents and 60+ international certifications with completely independent intellectual property rights.

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Advanced Medical Beauty Manufacturing Solutions

Whether you need a set of equipment or a distribution agent equipment, Huamei has the best solution for you.

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We Focus On Becoming A Professional Manufacturer Of Photoelectric Beauty Machines

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