Trans Epidermal Delivery

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About Trans epidermal delivery

When our skin has problems of one kind or another and needs the help of external essence or liquid medicine, injection is a necessary choice for us to solve the problem, but traditional syringe injection has many disadvantages, such as: the liquid is too concentrated and the injection area is small , susceptible to infection, intense pain, etc. Then an effective Trans epidermal delivery system is very necessary.

JET PEEL offers a combination of cutting-edge technology jet (transdermal) delivery systems . The liquid penetrates into the dermis layer through the natural channels of the skin at a speed of up to 220m/s, and the gentle spray can remove the skin surface keratin, dirt without causing irritation, and effectively solve our skin problems together with the solution.

liquid that can be injected
Hyaluronic acid injection
Whitening complex injection
Acne liquid injection
Serum injection
Hair growth solution


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Trans Epidermal Delivery

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