HUAMEI Independent R&D Product Line

By adopting the standard which derive from Germany and has passed international standard certification, our Devices we research and develop has been sold to 200+ countries and regions.

PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) machine

The medical PDT system use LED bulbs with over 99% purity and narrow spectrum of red, blue, yellow, green and infra-red light sources. The genetic biological wave light sources are utilized to rapidly affect hypodermic tissue, get absorbed by linear cell particles, and introduce more efficient light chemicals and biological reaction —-enzyme promoting reaction, which increases cell activity, promotes melanin decomposition and cell metabolism, causes the skin to excrete lots of collagen protein and improves the white blood cell’s bacterium-killing capability. Achieves treatment effects like skin whitening, skin freshening, wrinkle removing, anti-aging, etc. When such light sources are applied to treat dark sores, they are absorbed in large quantities by the acne bacilli that reproduce light-sensitive substances; by killing acne prop ionic acid bacilli, skin acne is subsequently removed.

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