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If you are an advanced professional hair removal center

The most professional and advanced hair removal equipment

Hair removal is the most in-demand treatment item in medical beauty projects. It has a large number of customer groups. Even a beauty salon that only provides hair removal services does not need to worry about the small number of customers.

For a beauty salon that offers professional hair removal services, I highly recommend this diode laser painless hair removal device with the most advanced technology. It is the device with the best experience and the most obvious treatment effect among all hair removal devices.

The device uses a semiconductor laser, which has a long life and can emit light more than 20,000,000 times. If it is only used to remove armpit hair, it can treat at least 100,000 people; if it treats 100 people a day, it can be used for about 4 years. So it can greatly reduce the cost of hair removal and help you get more clients. After all, the price of treatment is the most important factor in deciding whether a client chooses your beauty salon.

This type of laser device is suitable for all skin tones and hair types, whether you are fair, brown, or dark, it can achieve permanent hair removal. This expands your clientele for you.

It can easily remove hair from various parts of the body, such as lip hair, armpit hair, leg hair, and more. It can also be equipped with a small auxiliary treatment head for its handle, which is specially used to remove nose hair and ear hair. This is not possible with other hair removal devices.

Its maintenance cost is very low, and the consumables are only filters, and the cost of filters is very low, only ten dollars. So the cost of consumables can be ignored.

Its operation is very simple, you do not need to choose a lot of treatment parameters, this is the most intelligent hair removal device. So you can easily operate it without a lot of training, testing, learning. It becomes simple for every therapist to master.

The greater advantage of diode laser device is that it can be a single-wavelength 808nm laser or a 755+808+1064nm mixed-wavelength semiconductor laser, with power ranging from 400W-2000W (how much power you choose depends on your budget). The minimum width is 100ms, and the cooling temperature of the handle can reach as low as minus 30°C. It is the most comfortable and most advanced hair removal equipment, which will make the customer’s treatment experience no longer painful, but relaxed and comfortable.

It can match 1 or 2 handles.

It has a 15.6-inch ultra-thin and large touch display, an all-metal body, and a high-grade matt paint, which is a symbol of texture and luxury.

If your salon chooses this machine, you will get the most comfortable hair removal service. You will also be highly rated by customers, which can help you gain customers’ likes and earn profits in a very short period of time.

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If you are a newly opened beauty center

Multi-function photoelectric beauty instrument

If you are a newly established beauty center and want to choose a cost-effective machine, I recommend you to choose this multifunctional machine. It’s a multifunctional beauty machine with six different handles that can treat a dozen different beauty treatments.

Compared with the cheap multi-function machine on the market, the quality and treatment effect of this machine will be recognized by you and your clients. Each of your clients will see a significant change after the treatment, which will bring you a good reputation and these clients will become your loyal customers. The quality and treatment effect of the machine is very important for a newly established beauty center.
At the same time, the technology of this machine is very mature and has been verified by the market.This machine is the most cost-effective of all beauty machines, and can be said to be low investment, high return.

1)IPL handle: With seven filters, can emits light of seven different wavelengths. 420-1200nm: acne treatment, treatment of rosacea; 530-1200nm: pigmentation, freckles, elimination of age spots, skin rejuvenation; 560-1200nm:rejuvenation of the skin, reduction of large pores, improves texture, stretching and lifting of the skin/590-1200nm:extraction of the thread vein, elimination of redness;640/690-1200nm: hair removal; 750-1200nm:recovery of scars. This machine can broaden the range of customers for your beauty center, serving all kinds of customers with different needs.

2)SHR handle: This is a handle specially used for hair removal.

3)40KHz cavitation handle: This is a handle for slimming and shaping. This handle removes large lumps of cellulite on the body.

4)1MHz ultrasound handle: The handle is equipped with large, medium and small treatment heads. The handle can be used not only for small treatment areas of the face, eyes and neck, but also for large treatment areas of the abdomen and waist.

5)RF handle: The RF handle is equipped with 5 treatment heads of different sizes. RF handle can do a lot of treatment items,such as Skin tightening and lifting ;Fine wrinkle removal; Body shaping and contour ; Enlarged pores shrinking ;Eye bag and dark circle improve; Anti-aging ; Collagen and elastin boost; Skin rejuvenation, improve skin texture.

6)Vacuum handle: This handle can be used for Body shaping and contour,Lymph drainage ,Skin tightening treatment items.

This machine will be the most fully functional machine in your beauty center.

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If you are a professional shaping center

Professional Weight Loss Center

The number of fat people is increasing, and more and more institutions have established professional fat reduction centers to help customers solve the problem of fat reduction and shaping.

If you are a professional fat loss center, or you want to increase fat loss treatment programs, I specially recommend you these machines, they can help you to help more fat people, reduce excess fat, and become a professional fat loss mechanism.

Cryolipolysis system+ HIFU system+ EMS sculpt system+RF sysyem

Cryolipolysis system: It is aimed at people with large cellulite, large fat thickness and large area, and those with waist and abdomen fat and back fat; people with partial obesity after childbirth; Its effect is obvious, and at the same time, with RF operation, it can get twice the result with half the effort. For detailed operating instructions, please consult us.

HIFU is mainly aimed at people with medium fat thickness and moderate degree of obesity. After treatment, a thermal damage layer will be formed under the skin, and the treatment effect is remarkable. At the same time, his treatment is three-dimensional, targeted and precise treatment for different thicknesses of fat. It can operate on the delicate parts of the face as well as treat cellulite on the body.

EMS SCULPT: It is mainly aimed at those who are particularly demanding on body shape, and have requirements for muscle gain and fat loss. It is especially suitable for fitness centers. It can help us reach the limit that cannot be achieved by exercise. Or it can be used as the ultimate treatment for obese people in the later stage of weight loss, to sculpt the body better.

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If you are a professional skin care center

How to creat a delicate face?

Facial beauty exclusive recommendation: IPL(Intense Pulse Light)+PDT+RF+HIFU
If your beauty salon is dedicated to creating a delicate face, these devices are essential for you:

One set of IPL, it can remove blemishes and acne on the face, while tightening the skin, reducing pores and reducing wrinkles. Makes the face look clean, youthful and flawless;

One set of PDT, It can improve the dullness of the skin, dredge lymph, remove edema, improve oily skin, acne, restore youthfulness, and make the complexion purer;

One set of RF device, it can make the face details more perfect, firm and youthful;

One set of HIFU, it can help shape the perfect face contour, make the skin firmer and more refined.

Facial care is a must-have treatment program for every beauty center. These high-end beauty equipments will enhance your professionalism, improve your competitiveness, and allow you to stand out in the fierce competition.

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If you are a beauty corner

Small diode hair removal machine

If your salon is small and you don’t want to invest too much, or you are just a nail salon and want to carry out more projects and expand your income source, then this small diode laser hair removal device is your best choose.

It’s cheap and affordable.

It’s very safe and easy to operate, we set a multi-security protection procedures for this machine, .such as: power-on password lock; the handle cannot emit light without touching the skin, etc., so it is very safe.

The cooling system includes semiconductor cooling + air cooling system, no cooling water system, no need to replace cooling water and filters regularly, no consumables, and no maintenance costs.

The device uses semiconductor cooling system and natural sapphire treatment head, and the cooling effect is very good. The device has three-stage cooling, which can be adjusted at will, which is the real painless hair removal.

At the same time, the device adopts the semiconductor laser imported from US, and the number of emit light can reach 20,000,000 times, which is 200 times the life of the IPL handheld hair removal device.

This device is Huamei’s collection of semiconductor laser technology and is specially designed for small salons. This is the smallest diode laser hair removal device in the industry. Huamei’s technical department has spent two years creating it, not only to retain the effect and comfort of diode laser hair removal, but also to reduce the size of the device. This product combines many of our technical advantages, designed to make everyone have a more convenient and comfortable hair removal experience.

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