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By adopting the standard which derive from Germany and has passed international standard certification, our Devices we research and develop has been sold to 200+ countries and regions.

980nm diode laser

The principle for 980nm laser’s blood vessels treatment lies in selective photothermolysis theory, The major targeted chromophore in facial vascular treatment is oxyhemoglobin that exist in red blood cell in vessels. Chromophore is the essential substance that absorbs laser energy. Appropriate pulse width and energy will be set in accordance with different thermal relaxation time. Then vessels will be damaged without hurting surrounding tissues.

Laser treatment of grey nails is to use the principle of laser beam to penetrate the nail and surrounding tissues. The pigment of fungus absorbs the laser heat energy, which kills the fungus in the nail, so that the sterile nail can grow again. At the same time, the laser penetrates the nail, and the microspores produced on the nail can also make the external medicine more easily penetrate into the nail and play a better effect.

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