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Acne is a common skin problem, which is more common in adolescents. After entering puberty, the sebaceous glands develop and secrete a large amount of sebum. If the grease cannot be discharged in time and block the pores, the anaerobic bacteria Propionibacterium acnes proliferate and destroy epidermal cells and cause inflammation, producing acne.

Traditional treatment methods are generally treated with oral medication, but patients with abnormal liver function, fatty liver and elevated blood lipids are often intolerable and have side effects.

The new type of acne treatment using IPL or laser has obvious effects and no side effects, and is more and more widely used.

IPL series

For the treatment of acne, the IPL generally chooses the wave band of 420nm, penetrates to the depth of the skin where Propionibacterium acnes is located, and rapid sterilization, which is effective and safe.  IPL treatment of acne only takes about 10 minutes each time, 5-8 treatments, the operation is very simple, the effect is obvious, and there are no side effects.

PDT system

PDT(Photodynamic therapy) is also a highly effective physical therapy that is superior for severe acne, cystic, nodular acne.  PDT is mainly to apply a photosensitizer of ketoglutarate to the affected area of ​​acne, so that the drug penetrates into the sebaceous epidermis and hair follicles. Then irradiate with red or yellow light to stimulate the photosensitizer to produce monooxygenase and other active substances, thereby killing Propionibacterium acnes, inhibiting the inflammatory response in the hair follicle, promoting wound healing, and preventing post-acne scarring,  It is an efficient, tolerable and effective physical therapy method.


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