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EMS Muscle Chair

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Intelligent system

Various operating modes,Safe & easy operation.

Free software upgrade

The software is independently developed, and it is free for lifetime.


Professional Medical Aesthetic Equipment.


Work Theory

The EMS chair utilizes highly concentrated magnetic and electric fields to stimulate Shen Yuan’s movement, controlling excessive contraction of pelvic floor muscles, thereby activating the pelvic floor muscle tissue and promoting the pro duction of egg white collagen. Can effectively improve the recovery, tightness, and elasticity of pelvic muscles; Strengthen the pelvic muscles to solve problems such as urinary in continence, lower abdominal prolapse, and vaginal relaxation.

10.3% of women aged 19 to 30 have experienced urinary incontinence

41% of women may experience urinary incontinence during and after pregnancy

25%Experience of urinary in- continence in women over 35years old

>>Women’s increasing demand for private healthcare

>>The decline in women’s happiness index

>>Cough, sneeze, leak urine while laughing

>>Postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction

>>Premature aging, menopause

>>Disharmony in marital life

Two different modes:

>>1. urinary incontinence

>>2. sexual dysfunction

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