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EMS muscle building and body sculpting system

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Work Theory

High energy focused electromagnetic wave training Hi-EMT is a non-surgical treatment that allows you to burn fat and build muscles while lying down. Whether you want six ABS or a hip lift, HI-EMT is your best choice. Hi-EMT magnetic thin instrument uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic wave energy, referred to as  HI-EMT  technology, to generate unique electromagnetic energy, through the skin to stimulate super muscle contraction, and promote fat cell metabolism, so as to reduce fat and increase muscle.
Each treatment is only 30 minutes, and each  HI-EMT  treatment is equivalent to 20000 muscle contractions. HI-EMT  technology is certified by FDA to tighten and lift the buttocks, providing a safe and non-invasive alternative treatment for popular and controversial surgeries and injections. It’s a highly efficient technology that strengthens muscles and burns fat at the same time, while keeping the surrounding tissue intact.

5 Modes

1.Relax mode:

Let the muscles maintain good function, and comprehensive relaxation can achieve the maxi- mum effect of muscles

2.Physiotherapy mode:

Relax muscles, relieve fatigue, dredge the meridians, restore physical strength, enhance human blood circulation

3.Massage mode:

Stretch and relax muscles to achieve better fitness

4.Fat reduction mode:

High intensity interval training mode for fat reduction

5.Muscle gain mode:

Training mode of strengthening muscle

7 stages treatment system

Motion bionics model

The working process of the machine completely simulates the process of human movement, basically divided into:

preparation -> warm-up -> exercise -> interval-> exercise -> ease-> relaxation and so on. There wil be different animations at each stage of the work interface to indicate the state of movement at this time.

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