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Scar is a very general concept, which is a general term for the appearance and histopathological changes of normal skin tissue caused by various traumas. Fibrous tissue is formed when the soft tissue of the skin is damaged and cannot be repaired normally by itself. Once scars are formed, they will not disappear and need to be removed through human intervention.

There are many commonly used methods to remove scars, such as surgery and medicine etc. After modern laser technology is used in medical beauty, laser scar removal has been recognized by everyone because of its many advantages.

IPL system

IPL system, using 750nm light, can effectively remove chickenpox, acne marks, or treat mild hypertrophic scars;

CO2 laser

The CO2 laser can form a lot of small laser beams to act on the treatment area. The energy of the laser makes the local collagen fibers and elastic fibers hyperplasia and rearranged, which can improve the thickness and tension of the local scar, and make it closer to normal cells and return to a flat state.


Hydration microdermabrasion is also a way to remove scars. In a vacuum environment, liquid is sprayed on the surface of the skin at high speed, and then the dirty liquid is sucked back through another pipeline to remove the cells on the surface of the skin and stimulate the skin. The active collagen fibers and elastic fibers can remove scars, acne marks and uneven surface scars, and make the skin smooth.

Laser scar removal and hydration resurfacing are relatively simple, painless, and non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedures. This is also a shortcut for the majority of beauty lovers to get rid of scars and get smooth skin.

If the scar is larger, deeper, and older, multiple treatments are required to achieve the desired effect.


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