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How does CO2 fractional laser repair stretch marks?

Many female friends are prone to dark red and purple stripes on their abdomens after six or seven months of pregnancy. This is what we often call stretch marks. Stretch marks are difficult to be removed once they appear, usually after the end of lactation, we can do some treatments to improve and fade stretch marks. CO2 fractional laser is one of the best ways to get rid of stretch marks.

Formation of stretch marks

After six or seven months of pregnancy, the abdomen is affected by hormone changes in the body and the enlarged uterus, which causes the subcutaneous tissue to be overstretched, causing the dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers to break and damage, resulting in dark red and purple stripes on the skin surface;

Originally, the skin has the ability to repair itself, but during pregnancy, glucocorticoids in the human body increase, which inhibits the activity of fibroblasts, thereby causing the secretion of collagen and elastin to decrease, hindering the repair and reconstruction of damaged collagen fibers and elastic fibers.

After 1 year, the dark red and purple stretch marks will depigment and shrink to form white or silver stretch marks, occasionally accompanied by itching and burning sensation. Of course, if there is a family history of stretch marks, a special constitution, as well as being overweight, gaining too much weight during pregnancy, or having an overweight newborn, stretch marks can also be caused. Pregnant mothers who are worried about stretch marks often look up various preventive measures online. However, many methods on the Internet are not advisable, and there are many skin care products that cannot be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is recommended that pregnant mothers use as little as possible, and only do facial cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection.

red new growth stretch marks on belly
Dark red old stretch marks on belly

In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to a balanced diet, control excessive weight gain, exercise moderately, and use abdominal support belts to bear the burden of abdominal gravity and reduce excessive skin pulling, thereby reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Although stretch marks do not affect your health, they do affect your appearance. All female friends can improve and fade stretch marks through laser treatment after non-menstrual period, non-pregnancy or breast-feeding period.

CO2 Laser Fade Stretch Marks

CO2 fractional laser is similar to the millions of small square lattice pixels in a digital camera. Each lattice pixel is generated by focusing and acts on the tissue in a columnar shape, breaking through the skin barrier and causing irritation, thereby prompting collagen tissue and cells to initiate repair mechanisms and tissue reconstruction mechanism, promote the massive secretion of collagen, elastin, and mucopolysaccharide and deposit in the dermis, accelerate skin cell proliferation, differentiation and cell renewal, repair damaged elastic fibers and collagen fibers, rearrange and combine, rebuild dermal tissue, thicken the dermis layer restores the skin to its normal state, thereby effectively improving stretch marks. After 3-6 treatments, there will be noticeable improvement.

Fractional laser removal of stretch marks has a short recovery time, and the risk of postoperative infection, scarring and pigmentation is small. During the process, the intensity of the treatment, the treatment mode and the treatment area can be adjusted according to the patient’s condition, so as to achieve precise treatment.

CO2Advantages of CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Laser Fade Stretch Marks

1. Efficient. Fractional lasers consist of millions of pixels of a treatment beam, each point produced by a focus that locally heats the tissue. Due to the precise irradiation of the fractional beam, the effect of treating stretch marks is high.

2. Quick recovery. The segmented photosensitive thermal remodeling technology used by fractional laser can divide the skin of stretch marks into a treatment area and a thermal buffer area, which greatly speeds up the repair of the epidermis and shortens the recovery time after treatment.

3. Precise treatment. The spot size, graphic scanning mode, and penetration depth of the fractional laser can be precisely adjusted according to the location and area of the stretch marks.

4. Safe. Fractional laser treatment of stretch marks is very safe, will not peel off the skin, will not cause skin bleeding or scarring, and will not have any sequelae after treatment.

5. Painless. The fractional laser instrument has a cooling system, which can cool the epidermis, so that the pain during the treatment is reduced, and the treatment of stretch marks is almost painless.

Clinical Operating procedures

Consulting →Observing  →Establish treatment files  →Cleaning  →Preserved

skin → Starting-up → Wipe disinfection  →Wear protective glasses and eyeshades→Observe and try→Treatment operation→Postoperative treatment→Record shutdown→Booking visit

1) Consulting: First, the therapists should communicate with the patients to get full

understanding of their skins, their present circumstances, their tolerance of pains,

whether they will have important social activities recently, their expectant effects of

the treatment, and etc. The therapists need to know the skins and psychology of the

patients well, judge the intended effect, inquire whether they have contraindications.

2) Observing: According to what patients have said, the therapists should observe the

skin natures, the characteristics, the distribution, and the degree of skin lesions

carefully. Then the therapists communicate with patients to determine a therapeutic and a schedule.

3) Establish treatment files:After relevant consultation, therapists should fill in patient

registration forms and invite patients to confirm and sign. At the same time, therapists

should establish treatment files and take photos as record files for the convenience of

tracking treatment and further adjustments.

4) Cleaning:Use warm water to wash the therapeutic part.

5) Preserved skin: Before the treatment, hair around the therapeutic part should be

completely removed .

6) Starting-up:Staring up and select mode, set parameters.

7) Wipe disinfection:Use proper iodine to disinfect, and then use cotton cloth with

immersed disinfectant to disinfect for the second time.

8) Wear protective glasses and eyeshades:Operators wear protective glasses,Put on

the protective eyeshades for the patients.

9) Observe and try:Check the skin and then decide the therapeutic energy

and scanning density. Make sure of the types and spot size of graphics according to

the area of therapeutic skin. Try to scan the therapeutic skin first, if the energy is

inappropriate, turn down or turn up the energy according to practical situations. When

the shallow redness appears on large-area scanning, there will be

curative effects.

10) Treatment operation:Adjust the scan area to scan again according to the first

scanning situation and the scar features. Don’t repeat scanning and avoid

inflammation of the skin.

11) Postoperative treatment:After the completion of treatment, the therapists should

disinfect a second time with disinfectant (non alcohol) and check up whether there is

remaining skin without treatment. If the patients feel scorching hot, icing can ease


12) Record shutdown : Keep clear records of the operating parameters and

post-operation reactions. Return to standby mode. Rotate the key in counter

clockwise to cut off the power supply. Clean the residues on the treatment head and

lay the equipment to its place..

13) Booking visit:Ask the patients to pay attention to postoperative cares and arrange

treatments for the next time. Pay return visits and make the followings.

Inquiry:Ask about the feelings of patients at all times during the treatment

course. Adjust the parameters timely according to patients’ responses.

during the treatment.

Observation:Observe if there is redness or swollen area in facial treatment area

2Clinical operation and Matters need attention

1. The operation environment of the instrument should be without disturbance of

high-intensity magnetic fields and far away from heat sources and with appropriate


2. Before starting up, first make sure that the emergency stop switch and leakage

protector are in the upspring state

3. Select the corresponding graphics according to treatment needs.

4. Parameters and energy should be adjusted from low to high with small span range

within 2 energy units. Observe while operating and adjust according to patients’


5. Wipe disinfection whenever necessary according to treatment needs and don’t reuse


6. Don’t repeat treatments on the lesions.

9. The circle ring on the treatment scanning head should press on skin tightly to make

sure of full contact. Keep the treatment handpiece press on skin perpendicularly.

10. Turn off the treatment switch before taking away the scanning head from skin.

3. Postoperative care

1) After the operation, do not let the skin of the treatment area get wet for three days.

2) Do not use cosmetics and other things that are irritating to the skin within a week, and keep the skin clean.

3) Do not expose your skin to sunlight,

4) Avoid strenuous exercise to prevent sweat from contaminating the wound and causing skin infections and allergies.

5) Do not squeeze, press, touch or rub the skin of the treatment area

6) Two weeks after the operation, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, or eat food with heavy color, avoid tobacco and alcohol, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hope female friends get rid of stretch marks as soon as possible!

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