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Everything you should know about CO2 Fractional Laser

If you have acne marks on your face, large scars or traumatic scars caused by some accidents, you must always be troubled by them. Maybe you have thought about getting rid of these nasty scars, and you have heard of CO2 fractional laser. Then, before going for CO2 fractional laser treatment, you should learn about CO2 fractional laser through this article.

What is CO2 fractional laser

CO2 fractional laser is a non-invasive skin treatment method that uses a laser beam made of carbon dioxide to act on the skin to precisely peel off the deep outer layer of damaged skin while stimulating the regeneration of subcutaneous healthy skin. Especially effective in addressing severe aging and deep wrinkles, scars, and overall skin resurfacing, gradually rejuvenating from the deep dermis to the skin surface, transforming the skin from “scarred and bumpy” to “smooth and tender, like newborn baby skin” .

Working principle of CO2 fractional laser

CO2 fractional laser is like millions of square pixels in a digital camera. The treatment process is just like the scanning mode. Each dot matrix pixel is generated by focusing the CO2 beam, acting on the skin in the form of a beam of light, breaking through layers of barriers and removing dead skin cells. During the cleansing process, the skin is stimulated, prompting collagen tissue and cells to initiate repair and rebuilding mechanisms. Accelerate the proliferation, differentiation and renewal of cells, and produce a large amount of collagen. Repair damaged skin fibers, rebuild dermal tissue and restore the skin to normal, so as to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation. This is the process of replacing damaged cells with brand new, healthy ones.

What CO2 fractional laser can treat

CO2 fractional laser surgery is generally performed on the face and is usually used to treat various scars, such as:

  • Age spots.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Uneven skin tone.
  • Light damages the skin.
  • Stretch marks etc.

Although CO2 fractional laser surgery is effective in removing scars, skin rejuvenation, and skin rejuvenation, it does not mean that it is suitable for everyone. If you are one or more of the groups mentioned below, you should know that this method may not be suitable for you. Consult relevant institutions or professional doctors, they should give you better advice. The people who avoid exposure to CO2 fractional laser are mainly:

  • There are large areas of acne on the face.
  • There is an open wound on the face.
  • Recently took isotretinoin.
  • Suffering from skin remodeling disorder.
  • Taking other medicines for other conditions.
  • Have a history of scarring.
  • Have other medical conditions.

What you should know before surgery

Like most surgeries, fractional CO2 laser therapy may have some side effects due to certain factors. In terms of pain, the preoperative person will generally give your face anesthesia. Most patients who have undergone treatment report that they do not feel much during the operation, and your skin may be red and tingling during the recovery period.  After CO2 fractional laser treatment, the effect will generally last for several years. It’s not permanent, after all, your skin ages too.

How to get a fractional CO2 laser

Of course, the treatment should be done by professionals. You should go to a professional medical beauty institution or find a reliable professional doctor. In terms of equipment procurement, you should choose a manufacturer with quality assurance and considerate service. For example, Huamei is a professional manufacturer of medical aesthetic equipment with multiple qualification certificates and a professional R&D team.

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