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Medical grade 3 color/5 color LED PDT machine

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Certified MachineCertified Machine

Customization AvailableCustomization Available

Fast and Safe DeliveryFast and Safe Delivery

Lifetime MaintenanceLifetime Maintenance

Multiple operating modes

The treatment process is automatic. The software system has Various operating modes.

Free software upgrade

The software is independently developed, and it is free for lifetime.

Intelligent system

Various operating modes,Safe & easy operation.


Product Description


Intelligent PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy)system

Support Intelligent mode(preset mode) and Professional mode.

  • Intelligent system

    The treatment process is automatic

  • Safe&easy operation

    Preset various treatment programs


Medical PDT advantage

The medical PDT system use LED bulbs imported from USA with over 99% purity and narrow spectrum red, blue, yellow ,green and Infrared light sources.

  • Obvious effect

    Verified by the market

  • Non-invasive

    Comfortable treatment


Flexible treatment arm for easy operation

Adjustable head for large coverage or focused intensity; Flexible arm can fit any parts of treatment area.

  • Easy to maintain

    No consumables

  • Flexible treatment arm

    Easy operation


What is really effective PDT?

PDT therapy is precise light, which means light wavelength is precise, and output energy is precise. The wavelength tolerance of medical LED is ±5nm. Ordinary LED is ±20-50nm of wavelength tolerance and even more. Output energy and precise control are also a factor of good results. Choose powerful energy and control system tolerances to achieve precise therapeutic effects.

  • Long service lifetime

    Up to tens of thousands of hours

  • Precise light

    Light wavelength and energy is precise


5 color Medical PDT

Blue 415mm Treats acne, oily pore. The light causes the development of oxygen radicals that kill bacteria without damaging healthy skin. Red 660mm Enhance skin elastic, improve skin tone. For anti-ageing, skin tightening, fine lines lifting, increasing collagen. Green 520mm Improve oil skin and acne skin. For skin neutralization, balancing calming, eliminating oedema. Yellow 590mm Enhance cell viability spots removal, restore skin young, and luster. Untrared 850mm Accelerate wound healing and relieve joint pain. Penetrates deeper into the skin for amplified results.


Model PDT-200 Technology PDT LED
Screen 10.4 inch color touch screen Input voltage AC 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Wavelength(color) Red light:660±5nm, Green light:530±5nm Blue light:415±5nm Yellow light:590±5nm Infrared light:850±5nm Output energy density Red light:50-80mw/cm2, Green light:70mw/cm2 Blue light:50-100mw/cm2 Yellow light:40-90mw/cm2 Infrared light:40-100mw/cm2
Output Power 15W/LED bulb LED quantity 300pcs of each panel(5 panels=300*5=1500pcs)
Operating mode Continuous or pulsed Power supply 85-260V full range, 50/60Hz
Carton size 60*60*130 (adjustable) cm G.W  45KG

The effect of the machine has been tested by practice. For more treatment data, please contact us.

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