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Mesotherapy Injection Jet Peel Machine PL100

  • Jet peel
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Certified MachineCertified Machine

Customization AvailableCustomization Available

Fast and Safe DeliveryFast and Safe Delivery

Lifetime MaintenanceLifetime Maintenance

Multiple operating modes

The treatment process is automatic. The software system has Various operating modes.


Professional Medical Aesthetic Equipment.


Product Description

What is the Jet Hydro?

The Jet Peel is a virtually painless,skin treat- ment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin in a rapid manner and provides a discernible enhance- ment to the recipient from the very first Jet Peel treatment session.It is also very useful with acne,blackheads and other comedone eruptions as it quickly and effortlessly removes them without any pain or discomfort.

  • Flow speed up to 340 m/s
  • Pressure 500-800Kpa,triple water columns

How does the Jet Hydro machine works?

Needle-free injection is an advanced technology. Reaching a velocity of up to 200m/s, (the gold standard that body can sustain), it penetrates the skin's natural channels into the 0.4-2 mm dermis layer and provides nutrition to deep cells. Customized skin nutrition supplement can be provided for different skin problems.

  • Virtually Painless

    Comfortable treatment

  • Intelligent system

    Various operating modes


What’s the function of Jet Hydro?

The powerful pressure of Jet Hydro can help to remove the dirt from the skin, remove the dirt from the deep layers of the skin, and get a clean skin.

  • Obvious effect

    Verified by the market

  • Reliable equipment

    Provide powerful


Jet Hydro Machine Injected Serum

Jet Hydro injects micromolecule hyaluronic acid and other active nutrients directly into dermis layer. Effectively moisturizing, reducing wrinkles, tightening skin, eliminating pigmentation, shrinking pores, balancing grease and water.

  • Hydrates the skin

    Make skin smooth and moist

  • Anti-aging serum injection

    Effective anti-aging and anti sugar


Jet Hydro is a non-intrusive therapy.

No injection, no medicine, no skin breakage, no bleeding, it is a super platform for new technology drug delivery.

  • Intelligent system

    Safe&easy operation

  • Long lasting effect



The whole process is painless

The whole process is painless, Let you enjoy the treatment process No needles, no risk of infection, safe, reliable and effective. No rash, swelling and other injection side effects.


Model PL100 Input Power 500W
Screen 10.4 inch color touch screen Input voltage AC 110V/220V 50-60Hz
penetration depth 0.4-2mm Jet speed 200m / s
Injection pressure 0.65Mpa±20% Liquid flow 2ml/min±20%
Operating mode Manual Semi-auto Automatic Cycle water column single Triple Customized handle
Machine size 54*32*95cm G.W  43KG
The effect is very obvious with good essence.

The effect of the machine has been tested by practice. For more treatment data, please contact us.

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