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Do you like to bask in the sun and enjoy a moment of tranquility, or do you hate the strong sun and do a good job of sun protection but are still inevitably exposed to ultraviolet rays. As we all know, moderate exposure to the sun is good for our bodies—promoting calcium absorption. But at the same time, ultraviolet radiation also causes some problems on our skin, such as skin darkening, aging, spots and so on. When you have these troubles, you should read this article carefully and learn about IPL.

What is IPL

The full name of IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, which is a wide-spectrum light formed by focusing and filtering the light source with high intensity. It is essentially an incoherent ordinary light but not a laser. The wavelength of IPL is 500~1200nm. It is one of the most widely used photo-therapy techniques in clinical practice and plays a very important role in the field of skin beauty.

Principles of IPL Therapy

Although IPL is not a laser, the principle is similar to that of a laser. The IPL delivers multiple wavelengths of light in each light pulse, and is equipped with a filtering system to optimize energy. When light energy is absorbed by specific target cells in the skin, it is converted into heat energy. Heat energy damages specific target areas, removing unwanted cells from your body for a range of cosmetic treatments.

IPL Treatment Range

IPL has a wider spectrum than lasers. During the treatment, it is not like a laser provides only one wavelength, but multiple focused and filtered high-intensity wavelengths. Therefore, IPL is able to provide a wider range of aesthetic treatments. If you have the following troubles, you can try IPL treatment:

  • Hair removal: hair that is too long, overgrown, distributed in awkward positions, and other body hair that you want to remove.
  • Acne: Whether it is facial acne, pimples or severe nodules, IPL can quickly remove it.
  • Skin aging: Skin aging with age, or skin damage and aging caused by excessive sunlight.
  • Spider veins: Also known as “telangiectasia”, they are often found on the legs, and may also exist on the face and other parts, that is, there are obviously dilated vein surfaces.
  • Pigmentation: dark skin pigmentation usually formed after being stimulated by sunlight, ultraviolet radiation or cosmetics, drugs and other substances.

What kind of people are not suitable for IPL treatment

Although IPL treatment has a wide range, it does not mean that all groups of people are suitable for IPL treatment. It is best to consult a professional in advance if you are in the following groups:

  • Naturally black people.
  • People who are sensitive to light.
  • People who may have skin cancer.
  • People with severe scars.
  • People with keloid tissue.
  • People with skin remodeling disorders.
  • People who recently tanned.
  • People who have used tretinoin cream.
  • People who are pregnant.
  • People who take other medicines for other conditions.

Find a reliable professional agency

Although the IPL looks like a very simple machine, it is still a bit difficult to operate and requires more professional personnel to operate. If you just want to try the therapeutic effect of IPL, it is recommended to go to a specialized medical and beauty institution. If you are a business person who is planning to go big through the IPL machine, first of all I congratulate you, you are doing the right thing. But not all IPL machines on the market are of high quality, you need to keep your eyes open when choosing a manufacturer. A good IPL machine supplier should at least have the following characteristics:

  • There is an exclusive professional R&D team.
  • All products have obtained qualification certificates.
  • Considerate pre-sales and after-sales service.
  • Provide professional operation explanation and machine maintenance.

Finding a professional IPL manufacturer is not an easy task, but fortunately, there is such a company in China – Huamei, which has all the above characteristics. Find Huamei, I believe that professional people will give you better help and detailed answers.

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