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Hydra jet peel—–An epochal beauty artifact

What is Hydra jet peel?

Hydra jet peel is an advanced technology that compresses the filtered air, and then through program control,the gas drives the liquid to spray at a speed of 200m/s, and the liquid enters the 0.4-2mm dermis layer through the natural channel of the skin, which is the latest Technology of skin penetration injection technology.

What can Hydra jet peel do?Device

  • Exfoliate
  • Improve blackheads
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Moisturize skin
  • Meso therapy
  • Anti-aging serum injection
  • Betadine Hyaluronic acid Injection
  • Skin Rejuvenation Compound Injection
  • Whitening compound injection
  • Acne remover injection

Why use Hydra jet peel?

Safety: Non-invasive import, no rash and swelling after treatment, no treatment risk, no Postoperative recovery period.

Painless: No anesthesia required, bringing you a relaxing and comfortable spa experience.

Penetration: The patented gas-liquid permeation technology can deliver nutrients directly to the dermis layer, allowing the skin to regain fullness and beauty. One session of treatment is equivalent to 1,000 advanced facial mask sessions.

Efficient: Provide nutrients for deep cells, the liquid medicine is dispersed under the skin, the effect is fast, and the absorption rate is high.

Private Custom Essence: Customized skin nutritional supplements can be provided for different skin problems, more targeted,make treatment plans that are more suitable for different skin conditions.

How often to do Hydra jet peel?

Hydra jet peel deep cleaning project, cannot clean and exfoliate frequently, otherwise it will weaken the skin barrier function or damage the skin barrier, causing skin problems such as sensitivity.

Generally divided by skin type:

  • Oily skin and thick horny skin should be managed once more than three days;
  • Normal skin once a week;
  • Dry skin and sensitive skin should be managed once more than two weeks, depending on the current skin condition.

Hydra jet peel Nutrition Project:It mainly provides a more suitable essence for the skin to restore the skin to a youthful and healthy state, usually once 1-2 weeks.

Treatment project synopsis:

Hydro Jet peel:Remove blackheads, exfoliate, deep cleanse skin.

Skin cleansing is a skin management item that girls must do when entering the salon. It can not only remove oil, blackheads, mites and other dirt in hair follicles, remove old dead skin cells, open pores, but also supplement the nutrients needed by the skin, improve skin tone, and prevent skin problem,so it is very popular with girls.

Hydro Jet peel dissolves and softens oily blackheads and old horny in the hair follicle through an acidic solution, and sucks out the dirt in the hair follicle through strong hydraulic pressure, while injecting nutrient solution into the hair follicle, inhibiting sebum secretion and regulating the balance of water and oil , so as to improve the blackheads and make the skin moist and bright.

Steps: Makeup Remove> Clean > Deep Cleansing, Blackhead Removal > Pore Shrinking Bottom Mask + Moisturizing Bottom Mask > Pore Shrinking Soft Mask > Toning Lotion > Water Cream

The sebaceous glands in the hair follicles are alive, they will continue to secrete oil and fill the hair follicles again, which will lead to the reappearance of blackheads, so after doing Hydro Jet peel to remove blackheads,to do the usual cleaning, oil control, hydration, sun protection and regular Management, adjust water and oil balance, slowly shrink pores, and prevent blackheads from growing again.

Hydro Jet peel:Nourishes the skin

Hydro Jet peel delivers small molecule hyaluronic acid and other active nutrients directly Inject into the dermis. Effectively moisturizer , reduces wrinkles, firms skin, eliminates pigmentation, shrinks pores, balances oil and moisture.

As a skin care project, different essences can be combined to create a targeted treatment plan.

Hyaluronic acid + vitamin A+E, anti-oxidation, lighten wrinkles, whitening, moisturizing.

Hyaluronic acid + vitamin B5; soothes fine lines and crow’s feet, firming and rejuvenating skin.

Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C: Makes the skin smooth and supple and restores skin elasticity.

At the same time, Hydro Jet peel can also be used as a device for some medicine injections, such as needle-free injection of hair growth liquid, acne removal liquid, etc.

Hydro Jet peel advantages

Hydro Jet peel’s needle-free injection has many advantages compare with”needle injection”and ”smear”.

Recommended instrument introduction

Hydro Jet peel machine

Hydro Jet peel performance:

Model :Ottimo-V16

Max pressure:0.65Mpa±20%


Liquid flow:2ml/min±20%

Input power:500W

Power supply:~230V  50Hz

Operating mode: Manual




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