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Description of Carbon peel

Carbon peel is a very popular beauty program. Before the treatment, a layer of toner should be applied to the face, and the face will be black. Therefore, it is also called the “black face doll”, or “black carbon doll”.

There are many public figures who have achieved very good results through this project, so it is gradually chosen by more and more people and is deeply loved. Carbon peel has a remarkable effect, is non-invasive, has no recovery period, and is easy to operate. Many people can often be seen queuing for this in some beauty clinics.

Have you ever seen any of these?

Carbon peel is the best solution for multiple skin issues!

Technical principle

During the Carbon peel treatment, the face is coated with black toner, this fine toner particle is about 30 microns, and the main ingredients are: marine minerals, seaweed, pure natural toner, vitamin B, vitamin C.

Apply the toner evenly on the face, the toner can absorb the dirt and keratin under the skin, and then use the laser to break the toner, so as to achieve the effect of whitening the skin and removing blackheads.

At the same time, the high heat energy generated by laser-blasting is transmitted to the dermis, which can fully stimulate the vitality of skin cells and promote the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. And use the skin’s natural repair function to promote collagen regeneration, orderly deposition and arrangement, so as to eliminate wrinkles, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, decompose pigments, shrink pores, repair texture, smooth skin, restore skin elasticity, and comprehensively change skin texture.

Suitable crowd

1. Skin with excessive oil secretion and prone to acne;

2. Skin with large pores and blackheads;

3. Dark yellow skin, fine lines, roughness and relaxation;

4. The skin has chloasma, coffee spots, age spots, moles, freckles;

5. Acne and acne scarring skin.


  • Whitening and beautifying skin: lighten spots, improve skin tone, remove yellowing and blackening, anti-aging and rejuvenation, increase skin elasticity and luster.
  • Improve skin texture: shrink pores, firm and lift, remove blackheads and acne, fade acne marks, balance oil.
  • Anti-aging: anti-wrinkle firming, lightening wrinkles.
  • Deep Cleansing: Removes blackheads and cleans pores.

How to operate

  1. Clean the skin and keep the face free of dust;

2.Professional beauticians will first use ND:YAG laser (low energy, 1320nm treatment head) to heat the skin in the treatment area to open the pores;

3.Apply a dedicated toner on the treater’s face in a thickness that covers pores and hides skin tone, avoiding around the eyes and lips. Toner should be applied evenly. If there is too much, the excess toner can be removed with a dry gauze cloth. Don’t apply too much toner to build up, or too little to cover the skin.

After about 10 minutes, wait for the toner to be almost dry, but not completely dry, and you can start the laser treatment.

4.Professional beauticians first adjust the parameters of the machine, select 1320nm mode/skin rejuvenation mode, suitable parameters such as energy and frequency, (different types of machines have different parameter values, you can consult our professionals for specific values. ) The treatment head is about 5CM away from the skin, and the toner can be removed cleanly. A loud popping sound will be heard during the treatment.

The energy of the laser will reach the dermis and pigmented lesions through the toner. The pigments in the toner and the skin will expand rapidly due to the heat and burst instantly; the pigments in the skin epidermis will be removed immediately, and the pores and the dirt on the skin surface will be taken away at the same time. The surrounding normal skin tissue does not cause any damage because it does not absorb the fixed wavelength of the laser. In the end, the skin will be fair and radiant.

(Professional operation can only be performed by beauticians with corresponding operating qualifications, and the treatment room needs to meet the professional laser operation license.)

5.After treatment, it is recommended to use a soothing mask to soothe and moisturize and calm the skin.

Treatment cycle

Generally, the entire treatment process for Carbon peel begins with cleansing and ends with the mask, which is approximately 40 minutes. Generally 10-12 days for once treatment, 3-6 times as a course of treatment. It depends on the situation of the treater.

After 1 treatment, the pores can be deeply cleaned so that the essence and nutrients can be absorbed;

After 2-3 treatments, the phenomenon of enlarged pores can be improved;

After 3-6 treatments, the dark yellow and melanin skin problems will be greatly improved, the complexion will be brightened and whitened to a great extent, and the skin will become firm, delicate and elastic.


Safe and non-invasive: non-invasive technology, no pain, no adverse reactions and side effects.

Significant effect: whitening, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, shrinking pores, delaying aging, and effective immediately.

Ease of use: Simple to operate.



1.Before the carbon peel treatment, the beautician should wear goggles and the therapist should wear a protective eye shield to avoid laser burns on the eyes.

2.Carbon peel is performed on the face, so the therapist is required to have no trauma and inflammation on the face before receiving the treatment, otherwise the treatment must not be carried out.

3.Carbon peel is not suitable for women who are pregnant and trying to conceive, and it is recommended to schedule treatment after pregnancy.

4.Do not expose to the sun within one month before treatment; do not perform laser, microdermabrasion, fruit acid peeling and other treatments within one week before treatment.

5.If you have a history of photosensitivity, skin lesions, wounds, immune system abnormalities, or people taking special drugs, you should consult your doctor in advance before making treatment arrangements.


1.After treatment, there will be short-term redness and swelling, so it is necessary to quickly cool down and replenish water. It is recommended to use a soothing mask or ice mask to quickly cool down and hydrate.

2.After treatment, avoid direct sunlight exposure. It is recommended to use sunscreen with SPF 30-50 or above. Please reapply every 2-3 hours when going out, and do a good job of physical sunscreen.

3.Skin care products containing stimulant ingredients such as fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, exfoliating, high-concentration vitamin C, alcohol, etc. cannot be used within one week after treatment.

4.Since very few people are allergic to toner, a skin allergy test should be performed before carbon peel to prevent allergies. Using regular manufacturer toner can also greatly reduce the chance of allergies.

Related question

Below are detailed answers to frequently asked questions about Caron peel.

Q: How is Carbon peel different from regular skin rejuvenation treatments?

A: Carbon peel is a skin-softening laser beauty method. It uses toner as a medium to enhance the effect of laser on pore reduction, whitening, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening.

Q: What skin problems does Carbon peel treat?

A: The main function of Carbon peel is to shrink pores, whiten, remove wrinkles, and firm the skin.

Q: Is the Carbon peel treatment painful?

A: The treatment is painless, but there may be a tingling sensation. Everyone’s skin sensitivity is different and feels different.

Q: How long is the treatment process? How many treatments are required?

A: Generally, the whole process from the beginning of cleansing to the end of applying the mask takes about 40 minutes. The number of treatments depends on the skin condition of each individual. Generally, obvious results can be seen after one treatment, and more than 3 treatments will have better results. It depends on individual circumstances.

Q: Are there any side effects of Carbon peel?

A: There are no special side effects. There will be a little redness after the treatment, which will fade away soon, and there will be no obvious marks after the treatment, and you will see your skin getting better and better.


Carbon Peel is a professional treatment, please find professional clinics, or beauty salons and operators with relevant qualifications to operate.

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