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Multi-function IPL machine

Are you considering which machine you should buy as your first machine or which machine will expand your customer base? IPL machine is a best choice.

In terms of cost performance, safety, regular maintenance and customer satisfaction, IPL machine is the good choice.  

Function of IPL machine:

  • Hair Removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • acne
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Scars
  • Vascular lesions
  • Spider veins


IPL (Intense Pulsed light) is a high energy, broad spectrum, multi-wavelength composite light, it contains different wavelengths (between 400nm-1200nm) and easily diffused light, can effectively penetrate the epidermis to the dermis.  IPL are incoherent light, essentially ordinary light rather than laser.  It is a kind of high intensity light source (such as neon lamp, etc.). After initial filtering, it forms a beam of continuous strong light with a wavelength of 400-1200nm. After filtering by filters, it finally emits light of a specific band, that is, high energy, relatively concentrated wavelength and adjustable pulse width intense pulse light.  This light can reach different skin layers and be absorbed by the target tissue for therapeutic purposes.

IPL technology is based on selective photothermal effect, the output intense pulse light can penetrate into the deeper tissue of skin to produce photothermal and photochemical effect.  

Basic Knowledge of IPL Treatment:

Both IPL and laser is pulsed light, but the laser is monochromatic light with only one fixed wavelength. Laser of different wavelengths are used in different diseases, such as pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and can also be used for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and other treatments. IPL is polychromatic light (so called colored light), which emits multi-color, incoherent light with wavelengths ranging from 400 to 1200 nm, including green light (532 nm), yellow light (585 nm), red light (694 nm) and infrared light. (700+nm). Clinically, different filters (420 ~ 755nm) can be used to filter out harmful or useless light and only retain the required light, so as to increase the safety and effectiveness of treatment. Compared with laser, IPL has large spot, high efficiency, less pain, and more importantly, it overcomes the pigmentation reaction that occurs within a few months after ablative laser treatment.

420-1200nm: acne therapy, rosacea treatment.

480-1200 nm: acne therapy,Vascular lesions treatment.

530-1200nm: Treatment of vascular (superficial small blood vessels) and pigmented diseases.

560-1200nm: Wrinkle removal, treatment of pigmented lesions and vascular lesions (thick and deep blood vessels).

590-1200nm:Suitable for treating pigmented diseases in dark-skinned people

640-1200nm:Hair removal,skin rejuvenation.

690-1200nm: Hair removal.

750-1200nm:It can affect the superficial dermis and middle layer, and can be used for scar treatment.

1)The energy of 420nm wavelength can penetrate to the sebaceous glands and some capillaries, which can not only inhibit oil production and reduce the parasitic place of bacteria, but also close the dilated capillaries, thereby relieving inflammation, improving acne, red acne marks and other inflammatory conditions.

2)The light of 530-580nm is an absorption peak of vascular diseases. The superficial small blood vessels are treated with 530nm light, and the deep and thick blood vessels are treated with 560nm light.

At the same time, melanin is only located in the epidermis layer and requires light penetrating light therapy. Therefore, 530nm can also effectively remove blackness while treating vascular lesions. If there is no vascular lesions on the face, you can choose 560nm or 590nm. , At this time, it can not only remove wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, but also go dark, and achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and whitening.

3)To achieve the effect of wrinkle and rejuvenation, the depth of light should reach the dermis layer.On the one hand, the penetration depth of light should reach the dermis layer. In the wavelength range of visible light to near-infrared light, the longer the wavelength, the deeper the penetration depth of the light.On the other hand, the volume of dermal tissue is much larger than that of hemoglobin, microvascular and melanin, so the energy of light is also required to be large.  The longer the wavelength, the higher the conversion efficiency of light.Therefore, to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin, improve the structure of the dermis, it needs to use a 590-755nm filter to ensure the treatment effect.

4)The root of hair is 3-5mm below the surface layer,So hair removal  needs light that penetrates deeper wavelengths of tissue.Meanwhile, the diameter of hair follicle tissue is 30-100 um, which also needs long wavelength with high photothermal conversion efficiency. Therefore, the wavelength of light for hair removal light is no less than 640nm, with a range of 640-755nm.  

5)At present, most of the filters are fixed at 1200nm at the upper end, and different parameters are changed at the lower end according to the needs. This makes the IPL machine always have rich wavebands no matter what kind of filter is installed.When the human body is irradiated with IPL machine, the tissues in the skin receive light of different wavelengths, so different effects occur in one irradiation. For example, when treating with 420-1200 nm, not only acne sterilization,but also redness will be removed.At this time, the highest absorption peak of hemoglobin 415nm will take effect.Meanwhile, the wavelength required for blackening, wrinkle removal and hair removal is also included, so IPL machine has the effect of spectral treatment.  

6)If multiple wavelengths are used at the same time and appropriate parameters are used, multiple therapeutic effects can be achieved.  If the parameters are not used properly, the expected therapeutic effect may not be achieved. For example, removing excess hair during a wrinkle reduction program;For example, for people with darker skin to remove redness, 560-1200nm filter is better than 530-1200nm filter, because the longer the wavelength, the less melanin absorption will be.

Therefore, the operator of the IPL machine needs to undergo professional training, fully grasp the relevant theoretical knowledge, analyze each patient carefully, observe the condition, and carefully design a personalized treatment plan.

At the same time, in order to reduce the difficulty of adjusting the treatment parameters of the IPL machine and increase the accuracy of the treatment, the precision treatment filter is introduced. The pulse width of the filter is reduced, and the wavelength range after the light filtering is controlled in a very small range, so as to achieve the effect of precision treatment.  

For example: light in the wavelength range of 500-600nm: suitable for improving skin sensitivity, telangiectasia and acne marks.

Light in the wavelength range of 585-685 nm: Suitable for treating pigmented diseases such as freckles, sunburn, and vascular diseases.

Light in the wavelength range of 690-950nm: Suitable for hair removal.

This greatly reduces the difficulty of the operator’s operation, and also reduces the pain of the treatment, making the treatment more accurate.

Advantages of IPL Therapy

Easy care

Many skin items require 3-5 days to repair, but IPL items only need 1-2 days to repair.

Compared with micro-needling, laser, fruit acid and other treatments that will damage the stratum corneum of the skin, IPL treatments are gentler, easy to care after treatment.

Significant therapeutic effect

IPL skin rejuvenation is one of the earliest medical beauty programs. It has been developed for nearly 20 years. The technology is mature and the treatment effect is remarkable.

IPL treatment 3-5 times can effectively solve most skin problems.

In the long run, IPL treatment is an efficient and effective, and cost-effective option!

The medical aesthetic project is only an auxiliary tool, and it is not done once and for all. The eternal beauty law: Correct skin care, reasonable diet, necessary medical aesthetic project, plus certain exercise and adequate sleep. Every girl who wants to become beautiful should not be left behind. The best time to become beautiful is always It’s the moment!

Skin care after IPL treatment

1)Use mild soap for shower after treatment. If they have underarms treated, do not use deodorant for first 24 hours.

2)In order to avoid hyper pigmentation, patients should apply sunscreen (SPF30 +) daily on the treatment area. Avoid sun exposure.

3)Do not have sun bathing or tanning bed for 3 weeks.

4)Patients should also avoid solar, hot bathes, and other leisure activities which can increase skin temperature for a period of 2 days after treatment.

5)For pigmentation and vein treatment, the pigmentation and vein will scab after treatment. Pay attention to avoid water and do not stretch the scab.

6)Patients must do sun protection job very well after pigmentation and vein treatment for 3-4 weeks. Otherwise the skin has risk to get new pigmentation.

7)After facial treatment, use mild cosmetic products.

IPL treatment is a professional medical aesthetic project, and must be treated in a regular beauty institution to ensure safety and effectiveness of the treatment. IPL treatment will not damage the skin, does not affect sweat gland excretion, skin respiration and other functions, on the contrary, it can increase skin elasticity, improve skin quality, and make the skin look younger.

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