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Can a house hold hair removal device achieve medical-level hair removal?

Hair is a very annoying thing for beauty-loving women. Whether it is shaving, plucking, or removing it with a depilatory cream, the hair becomes more and more. However, the hair removal effect of the hair removal device is relatively long-lasting. With the development of science and technology, house hold hair removal instruments are also being updated. Some publicity products have sapphire freezing point hair removal, some can be replaced with bald heads of different sizes to adapt to the hair removal of different body parts, and some are designed only with the palm of the hand, light and portable. . So, compared with large-scale hair removal devices in hospitals or regular beauty salons, can small household hair removal devices achieve the same effect?

The answer is “NO”.


First of all, we need to understand the working principle of the hair removal device is to use the principle of selective absorption of light by the hair follicle to irradiate a specific wavelength of light on the hair removal site, the light passes through the skin surface to the hair follicle root of the hair, and the light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy, destroying The dermal papilla at the root of the hair follicle, so as to achieve the technology that makes the hair lose its ability to regenerate.

House hold IPL Hair Removal Device VS Large Medical IPL/SHR Hair Removal Device


At present, most of the hair removal devices on the market are IPL pulsed light, with a power of only 30-60W, while large medical hair removal devices include IPL/SHR pulsed light and laser hair removal. Here we compare the similar technology IPL pulsed light. The commonly used 800W, 1200W for large medical IPL/SHR hair removal instruments can even achieve 2000W.


The power of light is different, and the energy of light will be also different. The energy of the household hair removal device is basically 3-6J/cm2, and the large medical IPL/SHR hair removal device is about 1-50J/cm2. It can be seen that the energy difference is very large, and the energy directly determines the effect and intensity of hair removal. Because of the low energy of the household hair removal device, most hair follicles cannot absorb enough heat, and the hair follicles will not be destroyed, so the hair removal effect of a single treatment is definitely not as good as that of a large medical hair removal device.


Because the energy of the household hair removal device is relatively low, the whole process of hair removal is relatively long. Generally speaking, it is once every two weeks in the first three months, and once a month after three months, so that six months can be regarded as a course of treatment. Large-scale medical hair removal devices are removed once a month. After each treatment, you can find that the hair is reduced. After 4-6 consecutive treatments, the hair removal effect will be very significant. Of course, more treatments are needed to achieve permanent hair removal.


Most of the household hair removal devices cost more than $100 US , while a large medical hair removal device costs 30-50 US dollars for single session of treatment, and 180-300 US dollars for a course of 6 treatments.

Number of shots

Whether it is a household or large medical hair removal device, the number of times the light can be emitted will be limited. The more times the light is emitted, the more the energy is reduced. Generally, households will have less than 1 million times of light, while large-scale medical hair removal devices are at least 1 million times, and can even be used 5 million times. Even if it is the same number of light output, the household hair removal device will consume faster, because its energy is weak, and it needs more light output to achieve the effect of a large medical hair removal device.

Medical Pulsed Light VS Medical Laser Hair Removal Device

We mentioned that the medical hair removal device has a laser hair removal device in addition to pulsed light. The laser hair removal device also uses the principle of selective absorption of light. After the hair follicle absorbs the laser, the laser energy is converted into heat, thereby destroying the hair follicle and losing the function of hair regeneration. Pulsed light hair removal has a very long history, and laser hair removal is a rising star. At present, the world’s most advanced and popular is the 3 wavelength diode hair removal device, which has 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm laser, 3IN1, suitable for all different skin tones, and it’s painless.

In contrast, traditional pulsed light cannot be used for all skin tones, as darker skin is prone to burns. In addition, the traditional IPL hair removal is low-frequency light, and the pain of hair removal will be more obvious. So now laser hair removal devices are becoming more and more popular.

In terms of cooling, the big laser hair removal device uses a semiconductor cooler, and the cooling effect during the treatment process will be better than that of the pulsed light hair removal device, and the customer will feel more comfortable.

    Therefore, for beauty-loving women, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to consider going to a professional hospital or beauty agency for hair removal, which has good effect and saves time and worry. After all, the effect of a household hair removal device is not obvious in a short period of time. To achieve the same effect, it takes more time and energy.

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