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Small diode laser hair removal device HDL-100

  • 808nm Diode Laser
Min. Order: 1set
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Obvious effect

Its effect is significant and Verified by the market.


Product Description


Excellent small diode laser hair removal device

For hair removal, diode laser technology has been proven by the market to be comfortable, effective and permanent. This machine combines many of our technical advantages, and is specially designed for small salons. not only to retain the effect and comfort of diode laser hair removal, but also to reduce the size of the device.in order to make everyone have a more convenient and comfortable hair removal experience.


Long service lifetime, no consumables

The device adopts advanced semiconductor laser, and the number of emit light can reach 20,000,000 times. no consumables, and no maintenance costs

  • Easy to maintain

    No consumables

  • Long service lifetime

    Up to tens of thousands of hours


Reliable equipment,Provide powerful energy

The highest frequency can reach 20Hz,the highest frequency hair removal device. The maximum energy can reach 44J/cm2

  • High Power

    Provide powerful energy

  • Precise light

    Light wavelength and energy is precise


Painless freezing point diode laser hair removal

The device uses semiconductor cooling system and natural sapphire treatment head, and the cooling effect is very good. The device has three-stage cooling, which can be adjusted at will, which is the real painless hair removal.

  • No pain

    Comfortable treatment

  • High Power

    Provide powerful energy


Model HDL-100 Technology Diode Laser
Screen 8.4 inch color touch screen Input voltage AC 110V/220V 50-60Hz
wavelength 808nm Pulse Width 5-400ms
Input Power 150W Treatment mode intelligent mode
Spot Size 10*10mm Cooling System Fans+ TEC+ Contact Cooling System
Continuously Working Time 48h Lifespan 20,000,000 shots guarantee
Machine size 33*26*13cm G.W  10KG

The product has brought substantial changes to many consumers, and the treatment effect is obvious, which has been highly praised by the market.

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