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650nm 760nm 980nm lipo laser machine lipo-B8-14

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Product Description


What is Lipolaser?

The Lipolaser was designed to specifically address spot fat reduction ( or inch loss) and body contouring. Administered in relaxing 20-30 minute sessions, the Lipolaser provides inch loss, but without the surgery, the pain, or the extensive reconvery time. 600-980nm laser takes effect on fat. In medical field, it is used for detecting fat and transferring energy to decompose fat.

  • A way to achieve inch loss

    No pain, no needles and no down time

  • Without operation

    It works quickly without any side effects


How to choose a real lipolaser?

1.Choose multiple wavelength laser pads. Different wavelength works on different depth. Multiple wavelength can decompose fat from difference depth, achieve better result. 2. Approved manufacturer adopts medical standard diode bulbs. Our Lipolaser adopts specific wavelength which penetrates into fat layers and work effectively. The wavelength tolerance of medical diode bulbs is ±2%. Ordinary industry diode bulb is ±5-10% of wavelength tolerance. And common living light is ±15% of wavelength tolerance and even more. 3. Specific energy control is also a guarantee for effective result. Choose power supply and control system of energy tolerance ≤5%. 4. The machine and each parts conform to medical equipment standard, such as emergency button, indicator light, electric circuit protection, EMC system, etc.


Model LIPO-B8-14 Technology LED
Screen 8.4 inch color touch screen Input voltage AC 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Wavelength 650-660nm Safety On board diagnostics
Pads 12 pcs pads, 8 pcs big paddles with 80 pcs laser lamps, 4 pcs small paddles with 8 pcs laser lamps Quantities of pads 84 pcs laser lamps of 10 pads
Mode of operation Continuous Environmental requirement 10°c to 40°c Non-condensing Humidity Below 75% RH
Machine size 58*48*46mm G.W  21KG

The effect of the machine has been tested by practice. For more treatment data, please contact us.

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