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Intelligence Skin Analyzer

Do you really know about your own skin?

Moji AI Skin Tester-Max Version captures the images of facial skin through industrial-grade high-definition effects with 8 light sources such as white light, positive polarized light, negative polarized light, UV light, blue light, Wu’s light, brown light, and red light. It adopts the technologies of spectral imaging, AI face recognition, deep learning, 3D skin simulation, cloud computing/cloud storage to conduct the quantitative analysis on the pathological features of surficial and deep skin, and comprehensively detect 14 indicators for skin health. Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of skin problems provide  reasonable evidences for scientific and accurate management of the skin.

9-direction analysis

Combine hundreds of thousands of annotation data to accurately identify skin problems such as sensitive skin, cloud computing analysis data is more accurate and faster,and 10 seconds to reveal the skin condition

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