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Can a long-term adherence to the use of a household radio frequency beauty instrument achieve medical-level results?

During the epidemic, a “household use radio frequency beauty instrument” became very popular. This “high-end beauty instrument” with stylish design and exquisite appearance that can easily do radio frequency at household has been loved by many people. But many people have a question: what is the difference between this small radio frequency beauty instrument and the radio frequency beauty instrument of a large beauty salon? Is the effect the same? Can I get the same effect if I keep using it for a long time?

The answer is no!

The household use radio frequency beauty instrument cannot achieve the effect of “medical beauty level”, and the difference is very big. (The medical beauty level effect here refers specifically to radio frequency medical beauty equipment, and this comparison is a comparison of similar technical means.)

In order to ensure safety, and reduce the volume and control the cost, the household use radio frequency beauty instrument has made great concessions in terms of effect. There is fundamental difference with the use of “professional medical and aesthetic equipment” (medical equipment that has been clinically tested and verified) in the hospital (controlled environment) by doctors (qualified and experienced operators) according to your actual situation (customized).

Therefore, although the household use radio frequency beauty instrument can have a relatively better and faster anti-aging effect than most skin care products, even if use it for a long time, it still cannot achieve the effect of medical beauty radio frequency.

Professional Hair Removal Device

The radio frequency type beauty instrument mainly penetrates the skin surface through electromagnetic wave technology. The oscillation frequency of this electromagnetic wave is generally between 1MHz and 5MHz. Fibroblasts are transformed into fibroblasts, which accelerates the production of collagen. At the same time, the temperature rise will shorten the distance of the H bond of the α-helix of the protein peptide chain, and dissolve some cells at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of firming, thinning and increasing skin elasticity, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty anti-aging.

Medical radio frequency beauty instrument can be divided into three categories: monopolar radio frequency, bipolar radio frequency and multi-polar radio frequency.

Monopolar radio frequency

The two poles of the radio frequency are the skin on which the negative plate is placed and the beauty instrument. The energy released by the electromagnetic wave penetrates the surface of the skin and penetrates deep into the bottom of the muscle for repair. This kind of beauty instrument has strong energy and high penetrability. What’s more, the distance between the negative plate and the positive plate is large, the penetration depth of the radio frequency will be deep enough to ensure the therapeutic effect of the radio frequency.

Bipolar RF and Multipolar RF

The difference between bipolar and multipolar radiofrequency is that the two-pole contacts of bipolar radiofrequency are all on the skin, which also limits its depth of action, while multipolar radiofrequency adds multiple bipolar radiofrequency, through electrode increase and the change of the distance between electrode, make radio frequency covers an area larger and more uniform.

Household RF Beauty Instrument

Household use beauty instruments also use radio frequency technology. They often mention a “frequency conversion” technology, and it is this concept that has captured the hearts of many customers.

Frequency conversion:

This is a very confusing concept put forward by manufacturers. “Frequency conversion” literally means changing frequency. Electronic engineers all know that it is not easy to design and manufacture equipment with high frequency and high power output, because it is easy to overheat and damage electronic components. High frequency + high power can only stay for a short time at high frequency, and can only run at a lower frequency at other times to avoid burning out the machine. This is like an ordinary athlete who sprints (high frequency) for a while, then needs to jog (low frequency), and it takes a long time to recover; while a truly bullish athlete can keep sprinting at high speed (high frequency).

Therefore, some radio frequency beauty instruments misappropriate the concept of “frequency conversion”, just like those inferior athletes, who can’t keep sprinting, but instead boast that they can “jog at a slow pace” as ridiculous.


Energy has a great relationship with the effect of treatment, the depth of action, the duration of maintenance, etc., and even plays a decisive role. For medical-grade radio frequency projects, their energy and depth are at unconventional levels. Like mainstream RF radio frequency, the power can reach 200W or even greater, while the power of household use radio frequency beauty instruments is less than 10W or even less than 5W. The power difference is huge, and it also brings about a completely different effect.

Medical-grade radio frequency is precisely because of this unconventional level of energy and frequency, which ensures the depth and intensity of treatment and the maintenance time after treatment. Therefore, medical grade radio frequency equipment must be regular and the operator must be professionally trained to operate, so as to maintain the highest level of safety.

After reading the above information, we can basically understand the differences and gaps between household radio frequency beauty instruments and medical grade radio frequency beauty instruments. If you just want to do general maintenance on a daily basis, you can choose to use a household beauty instrument according to your actual situation, but don’t expect its visible effect. If you want to use radio frequency to achieve real and effective anti-aging changes, it is recommended to choose medical-grade radio frequency equipment and perform treatment under standardized conditions to achieve good results.

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